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Who uses Condorcet methods now?

No parliament or legislature, or local government currently uses any Condorcet method to elect its members, but: “… a Condorcet method known as Nanson’s method was used in city elections in the U.S. town of Marquette, Michigan in the 1920s” … Continue reading
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Is Ranked-Pairs the best Condorcet system?

Is Ranked-Pairs really the best Condorcet System? If there is a Condorcet winner in respect of any given election, every Condorcet method will determine this same winner.  They’re all as good as each other, at this point. The different methods … Continue reading
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Is a Condorcet Winner really most-preferred by the majority?

This is another “How high is up?” question. Let’s start by seeing if we can agree that a first-past-the-post election that has a majority winner does, in fact, reflect the voters’ true majority preference? I think that we could then … Continue reading
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