Are the voters sophisticated enough for this method?

Are voters sophisticated enough for this? It doesn’t matter. Such complexity as exists is primarily in the tally, and, to some extent, in the evaluation of the result. But, while we need to document and explain these for those who care about them, the rank and file voter doesn’t really need to pay them any attention.

These “complexity” aspects are dealt with by elections officials, who will be (easily) trained to do so, and will likely have software to facilitate this in any event, which will make it even easier.

All the voter needs to know is which candidate he or she likes more than each other candidate, and how to fill-in the ballot accordingly.

This is more work, perhaps, than voting with an FPTP ballot, but no more work than a IRV / AV ballot, or a BC-STV ballot, or any of the many forms of ballot for proportional representation schemes.

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