Who uses Condorcet methods now?

No parliament or legislature, or local government currently uses any Condorcet method to elect its members, but:

“… a Condorcet method known as Nanson’s method was used in city elections in the U.S. town of Marquette, Michigan in the 1920s” — Use of Condorcet voting

There are, however, various organizations that do use one variant or another, for elections of boards, or making other decisions among multiple options, such as elections to the UBC Student Society executive, the Wikipedia foundation, and a sundry list of others…— Use of Condorcet voting

While it would no doubt be helpful if there was a current governmental implementation to which to point, this should not be an absolute impediment; the mathematical properties of the various Condorcet methods are well studied, their strengths and weaknesses well known and well documented, and they provide a rock-solid, well understood, basis upon which to proceed.

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